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Paywalls for publications

In today’s world, publishers and readers can no longer afford to ignore paywall models.

Current paywall technologies have had limited success due to:

  1. Low-quality technology
  2. Poor user interfaces
  3. High cost of implementation
  4. Inflexible business models

Plenigo solves these problems through its high-quality, flexible, easy to use, cost-effective paywall platform for publishers, publishing houses and media companies.

No payment process works without user acceptance, and many users leave payment processes prematurely.

We implemented onsite registrations and simplified the payment process in order to optimize conversion rates and improve the user experience.


Built for clients – higher quality and a user-friendly interface.

Great things don’t always need to be expensive:
Cost of implementation

Paywall implementation projects are commonly thought to consume a great amount of time and money - without guarantee of success. These projects have the potential to cause large cuts in ad revenues. We decided to prove this stereotype false by offering quickly-adaptable, full-service paywall technology with no significant monetary or time investment.


The Internet is a medium to try and test.Complex paywall technology and self-designed solutions are typically slow to adapt to change. Plenigo enables companies to quickly adapt different business models with only a few clicks of a mouse.


What works today might not work tomorrow – flexibility is key to finding the right business model