About us

plenigo Ltd. is a technology company based in Munich, Germany, and the first to offer an eCommerce platform for media companies, publishing houses, etc., which is perfectly suited for the distribution of digital content. Plenigo enables flexible implementation of paywalls for written, audio, and video content.

Each of the three founders formerly attempted to implement a paywall for their respective publishing and media companies. They realized that technical implementation of paid content was extremely difficult and time-consuming, with dissatisfying results. They learned in countless discussions with journalists and bloggers that it is absolutely vital to establish new business models for publishers. Especially for small and mid-cap media companies, implementing new monetization models remain a risk that is difficult to calculate – without a promising example to work from. Plenigo provides a necessary service to continuing quality in publishing and media industries by offering affordable and user-friendly alternatives to free publication of content on the internet. A Software-as-a-Service platform, plenigo provides all the required functionality out of the box – it is reasonably priced and can be integrated quickly. Thanks to flexible

plenigo will put an end to this by providing a vital contribution to advancing the development, setting affordable and user-friendly alternatives against the free publication of quality content on the Internet. Being a software-as-a-service platform, plenigo provides all the necessary functions “out of the box” - it’s reasonably priced and can be integrated quickly. Thanks to flexible product adjustments, plenigo can be used for any popular business model. Journalists, publishers and other content producers thus obtain a custom-tailored, affordable and ready-to-implement infrastructure to monetarize their digital content.