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What’s needed for activation

How to become a plenigo publisher

Congratulations and welcome to plenigo! You are well on your way to professionalizing your business with the sale of digital content. These pages will guide you through the login process and show you our services. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact us! (contact)

Plenigo makes it easy for you and your users to support your business with digital content sales.

As user-friendly as we are, plenigo understands that it’s about the bottom line. When it comes to money, trust and safety are the most important. Plenigo prioritizes the safety of you and your customers against abuse and fraud through our two-factor authentication.

That’s why for you, the provider, the log-in process is divided into two steps./p>

1. Log in to your trial account:

Setting up a trial account is done in a flash:

Register here

Simply enter your E-Mail address and define a password.

You will then obtain an E-Mail with an eight-digit verification token, which you just have to copy and paste it into the dialogue box.

Afterwards you will see what we call the “dashboard” - your control center to enter all kinds of settings. You will find detailed instructions on the following pages in this section.

Feel free to try out plenigo’s services. Payment functions will not be activated, but put plenigo to the test and ask us as many questions as you like!

2. How to activate your account:

To start earning money with your content, click “Activate Account” in the menu.. This serves as an application for account clearance.

What infos do we require from you and why?

1. URL

Please enter the complete URL for the offer you would like us to support. We will not support any false or uncompleted offers sent to us. ( oder ( oder

2. Describe your business

Please describe your content – in as much detail as possible – and the business behind it.

Additional information on your business

All the additional information is largely self-explanatory. What we need is a contact address from you and other contact persons, plus a few official statements for legitimation. In most cases, the easiest way is to simply upload a digital version of your commercial registration, trade licence or other documents in the respective upload dialogue.

A few general rules

There are a few rules we have to observe which is why we cannot support the following offers:

  1. Rights

You must have the right to sell the specific content - be it in written, audio or video form - through plenigo. So either you own the copyright or you are commissioned by the rightholder to sell the content. Plenigo can only support companies who have documented rights to sell digital content. In the intellectual interest of the originator, we are obliged to ask for evidence if there is doubt.

2. Physical Products

plenigo is a platform for the distribution of digital content.

3. Pornography or related content

Plenigo does not moralize; we do not have problems with risqué content, provided it complies with the legal framework. However, compliance is not always clear, especially as interpreted in various countries. Our payment partners are subject to strict rules and have asked us to support them by refusing any doubtful applications. We appreciate your consideration on this topic.

As long as you provide ‘standard’ content, your application should have no problems. If you believe we have wrongly refused an application, please contact us so that we can review the application further.

We are delighted to work with you

and would like to thank you for trusting in plenigo.

Your team at plenigo